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“Practice does not make perfect.
Only perfect practice makes perfect. ”
-Vince Lombardi

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The knowledge we are sharing with our members is the result of testing various systems, tracking results and developing a strategy for earning long term profit.

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"How you bet is more important than what you bet on"
- Bojan Sinkovic

Bojan Sinkovic, a native of Croatia, our team leader and co-founder of OddsBoss is industry insider with over 10 years of international work experience.

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Are there any guarantees that TippBoss is going to be successful at the end of the project?

There are no guarantees that you will have 100% bank increase at the end of the betting project. We consider sports betting as a form of investment that carries its own risk. If there is an opportunity to make a profit, there is also a likelihood that a loss can happen. However, we believe that if you take a calculated risk, it's not gambling, it's investing. Our results are proof that our OB3 strategy increases the probability of making long term profits. We have the data to prove that this kind of investing in sports betting is generating great results and we must act on the assumption that it will continue to do so.

Do you have any advice for the losing streaks once they occur?

The beginning of the March 2016 project was extremely difficult and unexpected. We know that this is a form of investing and that it carries it's own risk and a loss it also an option, though not likely to happen to us, but it is still an option. We are interested in long-term results and with time and carefully selected picks we have been able to overcome that initial setback. (p.s. we have made an update on the website in June 2016, and felt that in addressing this question with the most recent example was necessary to point out that bad start can happen as well). In addition, speaking of difficult times, we challenge you to take a look at our previous results and see those moments when we had losing streaks. In fact, take a look at January 14th, and you will see that sometimes losing streaks can last longer and if your preferred betting system is Martingale, you entire betting bank could have been wiped out in one bet. Allocating all your money on one single bet carries far more risk than most people should be taking. Please also pay attention how OB3 accomplished very similar results to martingale with far less risk involved.

Why have you started TippBoss betting projects?

We want to help everyone who is passionate about sports betting. Helping other people to make money with us in sports betting is a win-win situation for everyone. Let's face it, around 95% of people are losing money in sports betting in the long run and our goal is to change that ratio. Our OB3 strategy is the result of work experience in sports betting industry for the last 10 years. We'll do our part and do the research to identify value bets and you'll do your part. You will place the bets in the same proportions of your total bank like we do and by following our picks and following the three lines. Please, take a look at our previous results. It doesn't cost you anything to take free trial and start betting with our picks. We want you to start for free and to see that it's possible. We want to earn your trust before we earn your business. TippBoss is here to make the membership pay itself of even with initial stakes as low as $10. Our main goal is to educate our members via Advanced Education, Webinars, and 1on1 Coaching.

What is really important for me to know before I start betting with TippBoss?

Don’t self sabotage.

What can I expect if I join TippBoss?

Based on our previous results, we have delivered on our promise to double your bank on a low-risk level. One very important thing to keep in mind is that the betting projects that we create are based on a 6 months cycle. TippBoss projects are about making money in the long run. Winning streaks and losing streaks will happen, it's in the nature of sports betting, but the end result is what matters to us. Having patience is an indispensable part of betting. Only when you follow up with the projects till the completion will you see the profit.

Why do we insist on six months long projects?

We insist on six months projects because we cannot promise short-term results, but in the long run with the discipline and patience and carefully selected picks, we can deliver results. Our goal is to help people make money over the long term. So keep this in mind, losing streaks and winning streaks will happen. It is important to know it is not a question if that will happen, but when will it happen. During those times, it is important to think ahead of time. What amount of money will make you uncomfortable to bet if you have a five-game losing streak in one of the lines? After you establish what that amount is, proceed with staking your wagers accordingly. This is an investment, treat it that way. Losing five games in a row should never be the ruin of your personal finances. Once again, your priority should be to adjust your initial stake according to your bankroll.

What advice do you have if the losing streak continues?

There are no strict rules regarding how much of your bank should be invested into each bet, but you have to realize the reality of your situation and see how much you can afford to invest. The most important thing to remember is that if there is an opportunity to make a profit, there is also a likelihood that a loss can happen. Regardless of the amount you bet, whether you put 10$ or 100,000$ on one match, it won't make any impact on the end result of the match. However, it is up to you to manage your bank properly and bet wisely, adjusting your bets according to your bank size. As we have previously mentioned, there is always a possibility that project will fail, but we believe that if you have patience, results will follow. We must be prepared for quite different outcomes from the ones we are after, but also if our win-loss ratio is around 55%, in the long run we should do great. But above everything else, bet wisely. Plan for losing streaks to happen, but also count on winning streaks following them. Adjust your bank to have enough money in each line to survive losing streak of 6 games. In that way, you will be more confident to proceed during the losing streaks. OB3 strategy is by far the best one from all others that we have tested, and we believe that it is the most suitable for making money in the long run.

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