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We at OddsBoss have always considered sports betting as an investment. What the majority see as a form of fun, gambling on sport events, we see as a great business opportunity. We clearly see the undeniable connection betting and investing share. For OddsBoss, betting is not gambling.

Our basic propositions we give to you are drawn from true knowledge of sports betting, gathered from more than a decade from inside the betting industry. We made everything simple to the core, so each and every one of our users can use it an make a profit out of it.

How you bet is more important than what you bet on

As in every investment cycle, our project have ups and downs, loosing and winning streaks, but one fact is undeniable – we have always delivered! OB3 strategy has proven to save the bank when times get rough, and up the profit when winning streaks hit. It is often said that two heads are smarter than one. How about hundreds of heads? Through years of experience from inside the industry, we have come to one conclusion, so simple, yet absolutely vital for a successful betting campaign:

Analyze the market, not the statistics!

Understanding how and why bookmakers move their prices on certain markets, allows us to get that extra value from every bet (the ones we give you through our TippBoss service). In the long run, that extra few percentage transform into hundreds of $ of Your profit.

We give thanks to all our members that stood with us through the bad, and we hope they enjoyed their earned profit. And there is more to come!

OddsBoss is here for its members

We also thank them to all their support and precious feedback that drove us to bring OddsBoss to a completely new level. With the new design (that hopefully you will like), we bring you new content in form of member-picked Webinars, a redesigned Advanced Education (coming later this year) and a new Blog page. We are also proud to announce that 1-on-1 Coaching is now available to our most loyal members.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here because of you!

What the world see as gambling, we see as an investment opportunity

With OddsBoss membership we have you all covered – tips, strategy, education even personal coaching. Still, the key ingredient is in you. It’s all about you how you approach your betting projects, keep your discipline and stick with the strategy.

We hope you continue with us through our sports betting projects. Leave luck behind. You don’t need it when you have knowledge.



Bojan Sinkovic

OddsBoss Team Leader


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