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Sports betting dangers that await the punters

9 December 2016 Bojan Leave a comment Uncategorized

Betting has been with mankind for ages, even long before the development of modern sports. Still it is undoubtedly stigmatized and portrayed as “evil and dangerous”. So what exactly are these sins that the temptation of winning a bet brings us? Against the law Yes, lots of countries consider sports betting illegal. In the same […]

The Case of Illegal Bookmakers

26 October 2016 Bojan Leave a comment Uncategorized

Sports and sports betting have gone hand in hand since the beginning of organized sports (and beyond). So, why is that today most of the sports betting turnover worldwide is made on, so called “illegal bookmakers”? What exactly are illegal bookmakers? When mentioning the term “Illegal bookmaker” most people (including myself) think of some illegal, […]

Understanding Asian Lines

17 September 2016 Bojan Leave a comment Uncategorized

Asian markets are one of the most influential and one of the vastest in the world of sports betting. That markets have through the years developed one of the most popular betting options in general – asian handicap and asian totals. Understanding how these options work will benefit every betting venture. Asian Handicap This option […]

Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

9 August 2016 Bojan Leave a comment Uncategorized

We at OddsBoss have always considered sports betting as an investment. What the majority see as a form of fun, gambling on sport events, we see as a great business opportunity. We clearly see the undeniable connection betting and investing share. For OddsBoss, betting is not gambling. Our basic propositions we give to you are drawn […]