What is OB3 Strategy?

“You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
-Albert Einstein

OB3 strategy is a betting system in which the pick selection for each bet is based on the well-known mathematical model of the Kelly criterion, but the staking method has been modified to raise and lower your bets for the amount of fixed stake in order to make its application simpler for sports bettors.

How does it work?

We use a 3 line system in which stakes are raised and lowered based on the previous performance of selected picks.

You will determine the initial stake for each line based on your total betting bank.

For example, if your bank is


you will start with the initial stake per line in the amount of

$10 or 1%

of your total betting bank.

Your initial stake will stay the same as long as you are winning.

If the pick was a losing one, you would increase your stake following linear progression and increasing your stake always for the amount of initial stake.

For example

If you start a line with an initial stake of $10 and lose, your next bet will be placed in the amount of $20.

If you lose again in the same line, your next stake for the same line will be $30.

If you later win in that line, you will decrease your stake for the line in the amount of the initial stake ($10), and the next pick will be played for $20.

When you win again, your next stake will be reduced for the initial stake ($10), and your next bet will be in the amount of $10 or the initial stake that you started with.

All three lines are independent from each other and very often all lines will have losing streaks and winning streaks.

If you have a losing streak in one of the lines while the other two are winning, you will continue to increase your stake for that line regardless of the pick performance for the other two lines.

*OddsBoss reserves the right to balance the lines once we reach the point of diminishing returns.

*OB3 strategy has some exceptions in terms of balancing the lines and they are explained in 1-on-1 Coaching.

“Never venture, never win!”
-Sun Tzu

How should I choose my picks?

If you are choosing your own picks, take some time to analyze every bet you are about to place.

Forming an opinion based on optimism has
an equal chance of being wrong and being right.

At first look, the need for successful pick selection seems to be self-evident,
and if you choose to select your own picks, you have to ask yourself:

What are the prospects of me doing this successfully?

For the majority of sports bettors, choosing your own picks is not necessary,
in fact, it's not even advisable.

Determining the value bets is a very relative term and presents a very interesting challenge because it will have serious implications on the end result of the project, and yet the majority of sports bettors don't even know what value bets are. To simplify the things here, if you follow this single principle that lies behind Kelly Criterion, you will do great in the long run.


Do not place a bet unless you have a positive edge.


Why it makes sense?

If you are paying attention and thinking this through, you might be questioning how can something so straightforward and obvious not be so well known among 95% of people who are losing money.
After all, the hypothesis behind it is very simple:

"For every time that you are right you will be getting higher returns for being right, and when you are wrong, you will lose less money."

*By taking calculated risks and with a Win/Loss ratio around 55% or even lower (average odds around 1.80), the odds of making money, in the long run, are on your side.

What could prevent the system to deliver results?

The primary challenge for the system to work is the mindset of long-term investing. The biggest problem for beginner investors is that they are willing to give up when faced with losing streaks. It is hard to persist with any system if you haven't properly set your bank. In these losing moments casual sports bettors are willing to abandon history that shows a proven track record and time-tested principles.

We advise you to properly set your bank because the unexpected can strike anyone at any time.

This brings us to the most important factor for making money in sports betting -


You need to be prepared for losing streaks and start betting below your comfort zone.

For example, if you usually bet $100 per bet and if you start betting with TippBoss, we strongly suggest that you lower your stakes to $10 per line. The reason for this seemingly diminishing return on your money is to prepare you for the losing streaks because if you start betting with an initial stake too high in comparison to the size of your bank, you are risking much more than you should. This is something that needs to be taken into account before you start betting with TippBoss or with your own betting project.

If you learn to invest by the guiding principles we are teaching,
your principles will protect you from yourself.

Would You Like to See a Real-Life Example?

TippBoss is our betting project in which we share with our members what games to bet on, how much to bet and where to place a bet.

Every day we send three picks, one for each line, along with the suggested bookmaker that has the highest odds.

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