TippBoss 2


YIELD for the time span of 111 days


Total Profit for the time span of 111 days on $10 initial stake


Risk Level Assesment

Our members have a choice to choose their own risk level and we have three options:

Low-risk is the approach that starts with $10 initial stake on the starting bank $1,000.

Moderate-risk is the approach that starts with $20 initial stake on the starting bank $1,000.

High-risk is the approach that starts with $30 initial stake on the starting bank $1,000.

In TippBoss 2 our goal was accomplished on low-risk and moderate-risk levels. High-risk level failed to deliver.

Information! We are always recommending to use low-risk level because it gives you the highest probability of accomplishing the project. If your goal is to earn more money, increase the size of your bank and bet on low-risk level.
Low-Risk = PASS

Goal: Double the bank

Moderate-Risk = PASS

Goal: Triple the bank

High-Risk = FAIL

Goal: Quadruple the bank

Bookmaker Review

OddsBoss brings you a shortlist of our trusted bookmakers.

Each of them is special in its own way, but they have one thing in common – they can be trusted!

One of the market leaders, and a well-known name in the world of sports betting. Very low margin (2-3%) ensures a high value of odds. Especially vital for American sports, but also for basketball, handball, and tennis. Not so many betting options (but all the main ones are still here). Arguably the best bookmaker for singles. Arbitrage friendly. A must have for any serious punter!

Probably the widest and the deepest betting offer on the market. The undisputed leader of live betting events. Market leader for “smaller” sports – volleyball, water polo, ITF tennis tournaments… It offers decent profit margins for most events with a broad range of special bets (i.e. cards, corners, player performance…). Often offering various bonuses. For variety, go Bet365.

A reputable bookmaker, one of the well-known names even for people outside sports betting (sponsoring major clubs and leagues). Reliability is not an issue. Not the best odds available, tendency to restrict bets for successful players. Still, not a bad starting point for beginners.

A relatively reliable bookmaker, but they are on the list for two reasons:
1. They offer solid bet limits
2. They have been known to have latency with following market leaders, thus offering the punter real value bets

Paddy Power
This Irish bookmaker is known for their “Justice” bets (accepting a result in favor of the punter, even the outcome itself didn’t occur). They offer a good variety of bets and solid profit margins for the punters. Recently merged with Betfair.

William Hill
Well known for great offers on UK and European markets. They offer some interesting special bets and they don’t change the odds frequently, giving the punter some real values. Very reliable!

Well known for high limits and great live betting options. They have big margins for lower tier leagues, but pretty good for top leagues. Very reliable!

Asia’s finest, one of the market leaders for football. Great betting options featuring Asian handicap. Very high betting limits, very reliable bookmaker. Please note that Asian customer view is different than European and that you might be pleasantly surprised.

Behind a simple interface, a punter can find a very good odds and a variety of options. They have a tendency to publish early lines on American sports. Very popular among serious punters.

Specialized in Nordic leagues and has a very good offer at other big European leagues. It's better to avoid betting on other sports due to the high margins.

The leading exchange market today. Getting the best odds, but also commission on winnings. Especially good for arbitrage bets. Merged with Paddy Power.

Sports in TippBoss 2

Sports bets in TippBoss 2 were predominantly related to Baseball, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. Since TippBoss 2 was launched in March, these sports were at the center of the attention and they were offered at great value prices. In essence, we will always stay current and change our sports bets according to the seasons.

TippBoss 2 in Numbers


bets placed


Average odds


Highest stake of the project for all three lines combined (March 20th 2016) *highest stake in relation to the total bank at the time (21.27%)

111 days

after the project started our bank was doubled on a low-risk level

69 days

ahead of scheduled deadline



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